Student Portal:

Uniform Policy

In keeping with School District policy, it is mandatory that all students wear uniforms. This policy will be upheld at Gompers School. This means that everyone​ must wear the uniform. The official school uniform consists of a red golf shirt with black pants and a belt. Girls may opt for the black skirt or jumper (no jeans or slacks under skirts and jumpers!) Accessories include a red sweater and black shoes or sneakers.

The Gompers Physical Education uniform consists of the red Gompers T-shirt with the black Gompers shorts or black sweatpants or the official school uniform is also acceptable for gym (must have sneakers). Shorts may be worn under skirts only on gym day. All students must wear sneakers on gym day!

We have also permitted a warm weather uniform, which can consist of the following: 1. Red golf shirt or Gompers T-shirt (tucked in). – Muscle shirts, oversized t-shirts, tank tops, midriff bearing tops and halter-tops are not acceptable at any​ time.

2. Black shorts that are no more than 2 inches above the knee or black capri pants. The Gompers “mesh” gym shorts are also acceptable.

3. Students are not allowed to wear mules, clogs or open-toed sandals at any​ time.

4. Unless otherwise noted by your child’s teacher, all students must wear their uniform on trips. 5. New students must wear uniforms within 3 weeks of being enrolled at Gompers. In the meantime, they may wear black and white or uniforms worn at their former school. (See Principal for any hardships) On dress down days, muscle shirts, oversized t-shirts, tank tops, midriff bearing tops and halter-tops are still unacceptable. T-shirts with objectionable words, phrases or symbols may not be worn. Only students who follow the uniform policy regularly can participate in dress down day.

Student Behavior

All students are expected to behave in an acceptable and responsible manner at school in the lunchroom, classroom, yard, on trips and in other school related situations. A school wide set of rules are on display and discussed in each classroom. Students are made aware of expected behavior and good citizenship by their teachers and the principal. Students who do not follow the school rules will be subject to classroom consequences which may include time out, loss of a privilege, detention, suspension or notification to the parents. See Student Code of Conduct, School Rules, Saturday School​ ​Letter,​ ​and​ ​Student​ ​Contracts.

Preparation for Class

Each student is expected to report to class with the required supplies. The teacher determines the required supplies for individual classrooms. Teachers will issue school textbooks within the first two weeks of school. Students are responsible for the care of issued materials. Below is a list of some basic supplies that your child may need for the 2017-2018 school year: Notebooks (spiral, binders, 3 composition books) Loose leaf paper Writing Utensils Pencils (pens – blue or black only, 3 pencils) Folders Please see your child’s classroom teacher for a complete list of supplies needed for this academic year.